Friday, November 16, 2007


yesterday and today i was in nijmegen at extrapool.
yesterday i had an apointment with frans de waard. i showed him my work and we talked about it, which felt very good, because at uni i mostly felt like an alien: i was the only one there working with sound and most of my teachers (except one) didn´t understand what i was doing. i missed good support most of the time. so i appreciated this great chance to talk to frans a lot. he gave me good advice and lots of information for my next steps:
1) live-performance and 2) publishing cd´s.
also we talked about my plans for the exhibition at extrapool:
i am going to take the title of the exhibition "destillaat" word-to-word, which means that i am going to make a kind of sound-destillation. as in former installations the basic idea is to "catch" the sound that hangs in the athmosphere of the location. since many years lots of artists performed at extrapool, so on a kind of meta-level their sound is still there (just the time frame changed and because of that we can´t hear it anymore, but the energy is still there). so what i did is, i send an email to artists who performed at extrapool and asked them to send me a sound, more or less one minute long.
Actually (because of the basic idea) i prefered sound which had been produced/performed at extrapool, but that brought up several problems, so i decided to leave it a bit more open, which means any kind of sounds are allowed: field recordings, computer-sound, sound from a musical instrument, a one-minute-extract from a performance or from a cd, whatever...its their choice.
i love the idea to recive something complete unknown and i have to react on it.....i gonna make my own destillation from that rawmaterial.... take some good sound-fruits and destilate a good sound-spirit out of it.
joyce and frans (they organize the sound-stuff at extrapool) came up with a long email list of artists which performed at extrapool and who i could ask for sound-rawmaterial. i already recived five very cool emails and i can´t wait what else i will recice.
the deadline is next week sunday, because i need enough time for the editing.
today joyce gave an introduction of the print-possibilities at extrapool. they are not only known for their brilliant sound-program, they are also known for their special print-technique and service. so for the exhibition its also possible to do some new print work. i think about a cover or booklet for a cd....don´t know yet....

"inaction breeds doubt and fear. action breeds confidence and courage. if you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. go out and get busy."
-dale carnegie-

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