Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i am not on dope, i am on production...

the sound-piece for the installation is finished. also the cd-version.
tomorrow i will copy the cd-edition (60) and (fuck that shit) fold all the cd-covers.
its not just folding a cd-booklet. no. its a special folding-technique, so to say a how-to-fold-a-complete-cd-sleeve-out-of-two-pieces-of-paper-
origami-experience. and because its so nice i can look forward to do it sixty times. got it ? good !
on thursday i will build up the installation on location and print the design on the cd´s and friday is left for all the things here and there which will come unexpected, mostly last minute....

i have a nice and inspiaring email-conversation since a few weeks with one of the artists who had been so kind to collaborate for this project. this is an extract from one of our emails.
i love it how he pointed out the reason why a lot of artists quite often look like being on drugs..

thanks for the update. i know how it is, organizing the whole thing in your thoughts while you hold a hammer in one hand and an embroidery hoop in the other, dealing with the occasional unplanned surprise, the energy of it running you...


ahh - i thought as much. it's like being under the sea - the deeper you go, and the pressure
building and darkness and large monsters waiting to eat you... then the show comes and people wonder why you're comatose!

hihihi...exactly !!!

this is why people always think that artists are on heroin. and yes, sometimes they also are. but they are ALL on... "production" (and the end result of _that_ on your life is sometimes not so different!)
(unless of course it is nothing at all like this for you and i'm just making it all up!)

ummm..no, man, you pointed it out quite good.....

the cpf book arrived today and i am sooooo fuckin enthusiastic !!!!
i will post some pics as soon as possible !

get intoxicated !


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