Monday, December 17, 2007

when the music ´s over....

the last two weeks and this weekend with the exhibition had been very exciting, with lots of work and fun.
i enjoyed the project at extrapool a lot.
it was great fun to meet all these people and a pleasure to work together.
special thanks to maaike, bertin, joyce, jan-dirk and donné !


and this is where it had been installed (four channel):

many thanks for collaborating to:
frans de waard
robert dennis / anti:clockwise
judy dunaway
harald sackziegler
rutger zuydervelt / machinefabriek
roel meelkop
lukas simonis
laura maes
madame p
stefano giust
kania tieffer
bart van dongen
antoinne chessex
andrea belfi

and here are some impressions of other work which had been shown during the weekend:
(bregje van den berg, judith hofmann, martijn mossing holsteijn, kris knook, cong-li, gemma pauwels, suzanne van rest, ronald saeijs, michiel van de weerthof, marieke wijnen, nina wijnmaalen and dorien de wit)


Anonymous said...

hello my English does not allow me to understand everything. but I like this series of picture very much.


misses free said...

salut benoit
merci for leaving a comment !
i visited your blog. i am sorry , i can´t speak french but i enjoyed your photos a lot !
all the best