Friday, March 28, 2008

random stuff...

my friend and collaboration partner rachael elwell is part of this very cool project.

her boyfriend ben gwilliam is currently on a residency at
artists unlimited in bielefeld. this is his blog.

i like these inout design projects.

here is another pinhole-camera link.

this is funny.

"experience is what you get when you don´t get what you want"
-Dan Stanford-


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! Just started on here... Cool links, great work! I don't know how to make friends with you... Lou xxx

misses free said...

hi lou, nice to hear from you. thanks for leaving a comment ! i think its not possible to make friends with blogger-sites, but i am not sure. i think its just possible with livejournal !?!? cool that you started a blog too !!! hope you are well !

Anonymous said...

aww thanks for posting that, cant wait to see you in May it will be fun fun fun!! yay , rach xxx

misses free said...

hi rach,
de nada luv, i love your work for that project !!!
yep, looking forward to see you soon, too.