Monday, March 17, 2008

this and this and that....

soundsketchbook has a new track finished. its called "whispered truth". jeff made it with the samples i have send him. now he gave me new samples to work with for the fourth track...

i had some problems with my car last week. luckily my mum lent me hers for some days. it seems that i have to spent around about 1000 euro to get my little suzuki-ricebowl repaired and to get it ready for the check at the safety standards authority in april.

i like pinhole cameras. for example those ones or that one .

i like the shadow work of kumi yamashita. its amazing !!!

i started to knitt a pair of socks in red and black.

siri hustvedts wrote a new book: the sorrows of an american which i currently read.
she is one of my favorite writers. all of her books are really amazing !!!

yesterday night i watched babel for the third or fourth time. i was quite touched again.

saturday night me and guido celebrated st patricks day in our favorite irish pub. also it was the owners birthday. i can´t believe that joe turned 27. i thought he would be around about 30 or 33 years old...

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