Wednesday, April 2, 2008

help needed...

i want to crochet those granny squares, but i never did that before.
i searched the web for a pattern. i found lots of other patterns for granny squares, but NOT EXACTLY THAT ONE :(
does anyone know how to make them or is anyone so good at crocheting that he or she is able to find out the pattern by just looking at the photo !?!? then please send me some instructions or a link or something !?!?!?


Anonymous said...

i have one, i will scan it for you tomorrow .
what are you making? a blanket?

misses free said...

hi rach,
really ? exactly that one !?!?!? wow, that would be very very cool. thanks !! i think i will start with a bag and then a blanket or pillows...
speak soon

rach said...

ahh shit, i totally forgot to scan it in for you, its on my list for tomorrow.
sorry chic xxx