Thursday, June 19, 2008

punch´n cuddle...

so ladies, if you try to handle this special cocktail of mixed feelings once in a while called PMS then this might be something for you.
i feel that this is EXACTLY what i need around those days ;)

how do bi- or tri- lingual parents raise their kids ?

the 12 best household uses for vodka (not including martini)

interesting article by John Tierney: the advantages of closing a few doors

photographer: Myoung Ho Lee

another photographer: Mr Toledano

take an interactice drawing lesson here

dutch artist Helmut Smits (via Donnè)

article by Joanna Goddard about five new yorkers who dress just in one colour

peg pencil by yuta watanabe

here is a fingerpaint recipe

hoya rach ! do you wanna come over for tea ?
btw: she added a lovely post about our cpf projects on her blog

article by Sam Harrison: ten ways to get inspired by the world around you

its nearly summer holiday time, isn´t it ? so this might be quite useful

WOW !!!! i LOVE this amazing project: a collection of old bookmarks

i like those urban pet products

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