Wednesday, November 5, 2008

photo: shadycam (flickr)

personal news:
planning and organizing our wedding party
guido has brilliant new tattoos
finally i made it to the dentist
not enough time for art stuff
well, i am doing some stuff but too lazy to document
still no studio space (the streets are my studio currently)
tired (quite often)
i love fall
evenings full of candle-light
we kinda heat our flat by candles, eheheh

links and inspiration:
i would never tell my children not to play with their food:
broccoli poodle (saxton freyman)
more fuckin great food art
my food is alive (simply add some stickers)
a terrified sandwich
and a crocheted one (looks quite yummie)
a cute cheese doorstop

really fuckin great one dollar origami

wow, a collection of amazing cracy mailboxes

carved crayons (diem chou)

nice lamp for the bathroom
(in german we call this toilet-free-thing: pĆ¼mpel)

how to nap

people who follow my blog every now and then might already know that i am kinda opsessed with moustache retated stuff (maybe because i have a little bit too much male hormones and will get a little ladies-beard when i turn old, like my mom).
i found something new: 5 pencils with famous moustaches
and this expanded beard type chart made me smile

"your treasure house is within; it contains all you`ll ever need." (hui-hai)

1 comment:

ArtYarn said...

i never realised you are a mustache craze!! hahhahah

tie for art is the best, finding it is hard. i'm making lots of knitting work but my own practice is suffering, also i am aware, and feeling kinda guilty, that so it CPF.
i haven't given up, i'm still slowly working on the stuff, i hope you aren't annoyed with me becuase ive not sent you anything for a while.

did you get my e-mail?
i was asking you about ArToll, i would like to meet with you again soon and make some new work and just generally hang out with you for a week or so.

how are the wedding part plans going?
will you post pictures of the party??

i miss our e-mails n stuff..
love rach xx