Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas special...

christmas-ideas for sound artists:
the cassette-tape-skeleton
beat box pillow
wearable toy piano

some non-commercial christmas ideas:
make some of these paper snowflake ornaments and decorate some trees in public
you could also use these paper snowflakes or choose one of those crochet snowflake patterns
this newspaper snowflake garland is nice as well
or build these paper-toy santa and some elves (free download here) and give them to strangers
(btw: here are some more free paper toys to download)
make your own snowstorm and enjoy
learn how to grow your own snow crystals here

cheap and easy to make gifts:
warm mittens with stitched snowflake
easy fingerless gloves
or choose your favorite pattern from this endless source here
build this beautiful little chandelier ornament
or build your own french-knitting-tools and make this amazing plastic-bag: step one, two and three
do you need some gift-boxes ? here are some suggestions:
a square-box
a cake-box
a simple origami-box
and a box template generator

and some random links about this and that as usual:
pictures of animals in the womb
cute cheese-candle
i love this cat USB hub
and i love this calender-tape !!!!
eheheh, a simple toilet
wow, the california academy of science
eheheheheeh, not only men have balls, eheheheheh
i loooove this beret


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