Sunday, December 7, 2008

photo above shows the amazing origami-work of eric joisel.
here is an interesting video about his paper-work.
and here is a video instruction how to fold one of his rats:
part one, part two and part three

i adore the paper-work of peter callesen

more adorable artwork: the installations of rune guneriussen

i like this knitted horse-head

a two-piece flower vase in the shape of a whale

caged humans by julian wolkenstein

this reminds me of a project that i made at my second year at art school

funny: pre-chewed pencils

ten different mazes and labyrinths

the urban miracles of kintera

eheh, this is great ! its like the old toilet at extrapool.....cracy feeling...

gayle chong kwan re-builds the lost city of atlantis with old plastic bottles

shopping-list bag

eheheh, a lovely project by alex holder and ross neil: i love you but....

sweet little sugar men :)

oh yes please, i want one of those cute charlie brown christmas trees, eheh

should i try and wear this at work !?

one of my favorite shops ever

sorry, still no party photos. i didn´t take photos myself that night, but i already asked around and some friends promised me to send photos. so i will post some as soon as possible...

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