Wednesday, January 21, 2009

knitting your voice

how great is that !
Magdalena Kohler and Hanna Wiesener created this installation/machine called gelsomnia that records your voice and knitts the waveforms of the sound on a knitting-machine.

its similar to that project:
Mahir M. Yavuz and Ebru Kurbak, students at Kunstuniversität Linz, have created Newsknitter, a process through which headlines are transformed into beautiful patterns on unique sweaters.
they write:
"News Knitter converts information gathered from the daily political news into clothing. Live news feed from the Internet that is broadcasted within 24 hours or a particular period is analyzed, filtered and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater. The system consists of two different types of software: whereas one receives the content from live feeds the other converts it into visual patterns, and a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output. Each product, sweater of News Knitter is an evidence/result of a specific day or period." more info here

my friend cdrk from syrphe-records finished (hm, it will never really be finished, i guess) and published his amazing database of experimental, noise, electronic, improvised music from Africa and Asia. wow, you did great work man!

a tongue twister (shit, i wrote tongue-breaker in the posts before) database
i like this knitted coffee-mug
did i already add a link to those cracy hair hats before? i think i did, but i am not sure.
download this calender for free and color it in
i found this instruction for a needle-book, but i think it would be good to add more "pages"
the best soap ever, eheheh :) i want this for my bathroom!!!!!
uh, a knitting pattern for a poor dissected lab rat. its not for free, i am sorry, but good to share the idea...and here´s the poor frog...
a jummie wall-e sandwich
i like those pillow-designs !!!
and i must have this cookie-cutter !!!

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ArtYarn said...

hey iris,

i just got given a knitting machine, i haven't got a clue how to get started with it but i guess i'll have lots of fun.

rach xx