Sunday, January 11, 2009

lipbalm is very easy to make and your lips can´t
get enough of it in this cold winter weather.

what you need:
- a small pan or cup to use for melting
(one with a pouring spout would be perfect)
- a larger pan for the double boiler method
- some tubes, jars, small pots, lids
or any other small containers
- old newspaper to cover your table

this is the recipe i used: (tsp = teaspoons)
- 3 tsp beeswax
- 7 tsp almond oil
- 3 tsp cacaobutter

instead of almond oil you can use any other oil you like,
for example jojoba oil or even the olive oil you use for cooking,
or just mix some of your favorite oils
also instead of cacaobutter you can use sheabutter
if you don´t have any cacao- or sheabutter leave it
and simply use more oil instead.
if you are vegan you can use canauber instead of beeswax or
simply use more cacao- or sheabutter
feel free to play around to try to find a consistency and
combination that you like most !
you get a glossier and softer lipbalm with a mixture
containing more oils and your lipbalm will be more matte
when you use more wax and butters
your lipbalm is fresh for round about 6 months.

fill the saucepan about 1/3 - 1/2 with hot water
place the smaller cup in the water
add beeswax

let the beeswax melt, add the oils
and stir a lot !

stir in cacao- or sheabutter

and stir until all ingredients are melted and mixed
if the water in the saucepan gets to cold, put the pan
back on the oven ans heat again till simmering

(btw: during the melting process you can add
some pieces of old lipstick. this will add
a hint of colour to your lipbalm.
or you can add a little tingle by trying
small amounts of menthol or teatree oil)

pour into small containers and let cool

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Rachael Elwell said...

I love this instruction to make lip balm, very nice.

Rach xx

misses free said...

it is nice that you like it!