Monday, January 26, 2009

yarn bombing II

click on photo for larger view !
so much fun to do :)


ArtYarn said...

this is amazing iris, thanks for adding the pics to the flickr site. amazing.
rach x

misses free said...

thank you rach !
oh it was sooo much fun to do !!!
and the bag suits him really good, doesn´t it ?
hope you are well !?

ArtYarn said...

yeh its such a cool idea the little bag!
did you see that someone yarn bombed a banksy??

i'm well, just extremely busy, which is good but also tiring.

do you know i'm doing a project with sarah in manchester, we are making a knitting orchestra. i had the idea when i was in germany last time. when we have made the performance i will send you a recording.