Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sometimes we have dinner in the living-room and sometimes in the kitchen...
we had chicken, shrimps with watermelon, a cream made of olives and cheese, white wine, bread and some other jummie stuff...
yesterday we visited the neanderthaler-museum near mettmann. the wax-figures look so fuckin real, don´t they ?!

michel birbaek: beziehungswAise

some links as usual:

funny fashion faces

i used to play table-football A LOT in earlier times
and i like this barbie football-table, eheheh

cracy chewing-gum-installations in venice made by simone decker

i found some more nice stuff for my (ongoing) mustache-links-collection
here and here and i WANT one of those mustache-rings !!!

make your own sweet 3d-sheep-crackers for your soup

my favorite flip-flops

amazing potato-portraits by ginou choueiri
and funny ones here

simple but sooo fuckin powerful visual by sugar stacks. great !!!!!

mc donalds as sculpture material

quite cool tea-bags

eheh, this goldfish-bathplug made me smile

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