Friday, December 11, 2009

last weekend at the sea

last weekend me and my husband (even after one year of
being married it still feels strange to call him "my husband"
instead of "my boyfriend") spend a weekend in our favorite
house at the north-sea. its exactly on the border between
the netherlands and belgium, because it was a tollhouse
in earlier times. i loooove this house !!!!!!
we slept and read a lot, we talked and took long walks at
the sea, i worked for the exhibition a bit and guido cooked
(he had much fun with his new toy - actually for peeling apples,
but he used it for potatoes and turnip cabbage as well, eheheh)
and yes, we were a bit decadent this time, but it was GOOD:
we had champagne for dinner and another glass for breakfast
the other morning.....jummie...oh ho ho champagne, la la la,
all around my brain, la la la, eheheheh ;)

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