Sunday, January 17, 2010

just a few gallery shots...

its really just a selection and not all the work that uwe and I showed at the GKK gallery...
I still need to make a proper documentation, but I had some
problems with my camera and I had to send it to canon, which is
really annoying, cause I anyway use the camera nearly every day and especially NOW i really need it a lot !!!
i had send it last week on monday and they told me it would take
10-14 days (which is ok i think). so cross your fingers for me please that it won´t take much longer.... :/ and, of course, that canon can fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for the rest: still busy with updating my website with new work,
and i changed to indexhibit, which is really cool in my opinion...


Rachael Elwell said...

very, very cool iris!!!

i'm also just building my new website with indexhibit :)... i think it makes life much easier! :)


misses free said...

hi rach,
thanks for the nice comment, rach !
yep, indexhibit is quite cool, isn´t it ? :)
how are things !?
how long do you stay in germany ?

Rachael Elwell said...

i'm leaving on friday, after 4 months. This place feels like home now... i'll be so sad to go home, but we will be back in May for a visit and we are making plans to move here. ... :o)

one of the guys from the house is helping me set up indexhibit and i like it so far, though there is nothing online yet because we have a few problems with my webhost, but it's all sorted now. Hopefully there will be some changes to my website this week :o)

so, have a lovely day...well done on the exhibition again R xxxxxx