Tuesday, February 23, 2010


last sunday was the opening at emilies le petit joli
with friends and family.
just a small one this time, but it was a very very nice day.
and in my opinion the portraits look really good at that location !
i love this cafe and , well, i go there for a coffee quite often.
(i haven´t thought about the fact how weird it would feel to
see my own face around there all the time now ...
can´t wait until the expo is over, eheheheh ;)
but the expo runs until the 18th of april...ehem...so...well...
there had been two nice articles in the local newspapers
and last but not least special thanks to wolfgang herbrandt
for his ADORABLE speech !!! i looooved it !!! thank you !!!

for the rest, i caught a cold or something,
or maybe its just the work from the last weeks that
makes me feel so tired at the moment...
god, i am so SICK of this fuckin weather....
SPRING, can you HEAR ME !!??!!
i want you to COME !!!!!!!!!

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