Friday, September 21, 2007


i have a day off today. i am quite happy about that, cause i really need to do tons of organisation stuff.
my website is nearly finished. there is only a bit finetuning left to do and i wanna spent most of the time today to finish it cause i can´t wait to put it online...
i had been to my chinese doctor in nijmegen on wednesday for a recept for some chinese herbs. afterwards i ordered them online at a special apotgheek in the netherlands. so this morning i am waiting for the parcel-service to come...... i also tried the chinese tuina-massage for the first time and i can´t tell HOW GOOD THAT WAS ! the massage is quite painful, but the interesting experience is, that pain can be a veeeryyy good feeling. some points on my body still hurt a bit. it feels a bit like having lots of bruises after a (massage-), but seriously, i have a really good feeling with that and i decided to make a few apointments regularly for november and december (need to safe money for it first).
me and guido both had a bad cold last week. we spent the whole weekend in bed, drinking chickensoup, sleeping and watching tons of dvd´s. guido still is a bit ill. he definately works too much.
it starts to get fuckin cold quite early this year, isn´t it ? i don´t wanna turn the heater on already NOW, but yesterday i was so fuckin cold again that i took a hot shower for half an hour to warm up a bit and afterwards i put an extra layer clothes on and drank hot tea for the rest of the day...

working on:
my website, a design for an underground magazine i wanna start, two cd´s i wanna try to get released, a portfolio, finding a studio here in town or as near as possible...

i got completly sucked into a book that i read for the fourth time now: accidents from yael it !!!!!

having a day off today, the first coffee for this week which i planned to drink this afternoon. i LOVE coffee, but i stoped drinking it that much as i used to do, because its not good for me. so what i do now is to kinda make apointments with my coffee-drinking-ego once maybe twice a week and let it freak out completly while its having its i going to be a split this the first step to mental disease......hopefully not....but seriously, the first days without coffee had been really hard, but now i even don´t miss it. its just something i really ENJOY to do once maybe twice a week.....

as you see we just have a shower...

i am sure you already can imaging what i really miss these days, don´t you ?
i miss the feeling of slipping into hot water, relaxing, maybe reading a good book, adding new hot water every now and then until i am completly shriveled up .

keen on:
that my classmate May won this stipendium for NY, that we are reconnected to the www, and that i don´t need to go to that stupid internetcafĂ© anymore, that i have this job since several weeks, our plans to decorate our flat in one or two months (we have been living out of boxes for quite a long time and we still do a bit, so i am happy about these changings adn we are currently saving money for these plans)

i like this idea cause those interactive things are definately something for me
and this is a good one two
and this site is nice to visit, just to know that you are not the only stupid one who is doing that

Do something.
Do something to it.
Do something else to it.
-jasper johns-

all for now, thanx and have a good time....

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