Monday, September 24, 2007


we celebrated equinox with a few people, a fire and tons of good food an drinks at oyhof last fridaynight.
here are some impressions:

and there´s always a kitchen-club......

harry gave me a box full of quinces. usually they are used to make marmelade, but i prefer to make quinces-liqueur every year. its quite much work but its worth the effort cause its soooooo delicious....

you need 2-3 kg quinces, 200 g brown sugar or better use honey (good one, not that sugarwater from the supermarket), 1,5 litre spirits (minimum 36% alcohol), a bottle

first peel the quinces, cut them in pieces and put them into a big pot (together with the core)

add the water and the honey, cook this mix for 5 minutes very hard and
then put the pot into the oven (225° C).

after one and a half hour turn off the heat, but don´t open the oven !!!
leave the pot in the oven over night !!!

the next day press the quinces through a cotton-sheet, fill the syrup into the bottle, add the spirits and shake it carefully

and now its time to wait: the liqueur is best after 2-3 months.......
(its for us, rachael, in january!!!!! i know how much you love it!!!!)

i am still working on my website. but at the moment i really have enough of it cause i am stucked to all the text translation work (its in english). today i decided to add a few "coming soon" sections. i need a break for two or three weeks and i will finish the rest then.
yesterday i started to look around for a studio here in town and i found three/four different interesting possibilities. i will check them out during this week.

miami-vice-soundtrack around the clock

some background-information
this is mega-cool-stuff

and here is something to play for a cold and grey fall-day.

"be open to what ever comes next"
-john cage-

thanx and cheers....

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