Saturday, October 6, 2007

the pigs live

old heroes are back in town:
the pigs at the fat paddy´s in wesel
here are some impressions:

o.k. , i can´t change it folks, then we got this striptease...was it supposed to turn us on, or what....oh yeah...

thanx, we needed this like a dose of clap......
luckily the twat wasn´t wanking on stage...

last time i saw the pigs at halbestreckeparty in twistringen.....time is running...its four (five?) years ago...

and by the way i accidentally found this photo (go to: EVENTS -> 31.08.07 -> P1020987

i am invited for an exhibition. but i am not telling any details now, because i don´t want to tell anything before its 100 % sure...its stupid, i know, but i am fuckin superstitious with that.
all i can say is that i recived an email with the invitation which was such a surprise. i never expected THAT ! it made me really proud, because i really really love the location, its so cool what those guys do and its a honour to be part of an exhibtion there.
i have an apointment on monday for a small presentation of my work. i am fuckin scared to, not really, i simply still don´t have enough distance to all this artschool-pesentation-stuff we had to do again and again and again for ages. at the end of uni i fuckin had enough of this all.....
cross your fingers for me ! maybe i will post some more informations after that...

the autumn

listening to:
found a fuckin old aphex twin cd on my rack...can´t stop listen to that fuckin good stuff...

still accidents but nearly finished

love, attention, respect and tenderness.......just some fuckin monthly moods and i am FUCKIN LOVESICK (a stupid kinda "who´s the biggest pighead in town" thing)

very interesting stuff

some art links: this one and this one. actually the whole site is full of cracy stuff
and here is another one i like

"every theoretical explanation is a reduction of intuition"

thanx and have a nice time !

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