Saturday, October 13, 2007

brother and sister

i threw tons of old material (folders, images, downloads) away from my computer and accidentaly found this foto-montage that we had to make at school in a photoshop lesson:

for the rest me and guido both won the "who´s the biggest pighead in town" award which means that we realised (after one week not talking) that we both behaved quite stupid.....and after hours of hugging and kissing (instead of talking about problems) everything is fine now again......luckily.......

finished accidents and want to continue with otherland. i read the first book and half of the second and then i stopped, actually for no reason......guido is complitly sucked into the second book of shadow march which finally came out last week. he waited for it two years.

about phonographes

i found this inspiring blog about experimental electronics
and this one about an artist who made a kinda urban-sound-graffiti

in love and still enjoying the autumn athmosphere

"to pay attention that is our endless and proper work"
-mary oliver-

thanx and cheers


Benjamin Gwilliam said...

Oh really!!

I think that no hair is better than hair, something completley different is good.

Thanks for the link for stuff, nice to see you getting on with things. Must let me know what the show is that you are doing. this is my blog site for the silence show:

theres a vid of claus performing!!!


Rachael Elwell said...

I love your blog Iris, keep going with it, it is such fun.
What is your exhibition??
comon, you can tell me!! hehehe xxx