Sunday, October 21, 2007


juppie !! finally i recived two comments.
ta ben and rach! i knew i always can count on you two sweet island-apes....hihihi...
what about the other twats ! is anyone reading this ???!?!!!

by the way: the exhibition i mentioned before is at extrapool.
they visited the final shows of all art schools in the netherlands and chose 10-15 people to invite them to take part at the exhibition "destillaat" that they organise every year. a kind of destillation of all final work they liked most. i am really proud to be invited and i hope that this is the first step for me for a live sound-performance there next year !
its perfect because they are famous for their soundart program on the one hand and for their printmaking work on the other. its exactly that what i try to combine in my work! its so cool !!!

yesterday six years ago we started our trip to walk the camino de santiago, an old pilgrims way through the north of spain. it took us six weeks. this is the travel journal i wrote during the trip:

since then the camino always seems to be calling. we want to do the trip again, but this time we would like to start here. just walk out of the front door and......i think it would take us three maybe four months !?
since two or three years a kind of hype started around the camino. different celebrities walked the way and wrote books about their experiences and paths all over europe have been signed with stickers to lead pilgrims to the old traditional way which starts in france. a kind of pilgrimage-tourisme came up. i hate that and i hope that walking the camino hasn´t mutated to a kind of mass-tourisme....
a few days ago i couldn´t believe my eyes and i smiled when i found this sticker on a street sign in front of our front door.

i sold two of my woodcuts a few weeks ago. the sister of one of my old classmates and her husband bought them. they had been so kind to send me some pictures what the pieces look like in their flat:

they placed the woodcuts in their sleeping room.
making them was quite an intimate, intence and sometimes lonesome work.
making woodcuts is hard work. i like that ! i spent hours cutting, leaving marks in the wood.
sex is one of the most creative things people can do. and having good sex combined with love also is about leaving "marks" in someones live. i like the fact that now two pieces of my work hang in someones sleeping room, in such an intimate and erotic place !

my travel-journal, anna gavalda: "hunting and gathering" for the second time (otherland has to wait again.....) and the conrad catalogue

irish stuff

quite good, don´t know....

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"paint what ever you want - and die happy"
-henry miller-

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