Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cpf and soundsketchbook...

today i recived this lovely cpf postcard. its the first one of our new project "word association postcards". rachael wrote a word on a standard sized blank postcard and sent it to me. now its my turn to associate a word based on that one i recived today, to write the new word on a new postcard and to send it to rachael. then she will associate a word based on the one she recived and so on...
besides that we have other mail art projects on the run, for example the growing postcards, the collage postcards and the architecture pieces. furthermore we constantly work on the cpf books. since two years we run this serie of sketchbooks alongside any other projects that we do together.

i added the new soundsketchbook track called
"digital act of defiance" to the myspace site today.

can´t wait to recive my package from xardas with new amazing sound ! his work is AMAZING !
i am happy that he started a new blog a month ago. its one of those that i check every now and then.

still waiting to recive a package from aluviana with amazing sound. i am in love with his work since the first second i listened to it !
But it seems that the stuff got lost on its way between slovenia and germany :(

still working on the updated version of my website. i will be quite busy again during the next days, because of the exhibition this weekend, but i will do my best to finish the update until next week (around about tuesday or wednesday).

i am off from work until tuesday next week :)

currently working on two new tracks based on (tons of) recordings i made during the last year and this month at artoll...
btw: i am searching for a name for my (missesfree´s) solo sound stuff, any suggestions are welcome !

"is it the end of the world if i keep silent? should i talk to give a sense to the things that mean "to live or not to live"? Behind the truth there is a difference between knowledge and thinking.
the worst thing of all is to forget there is a need to reflect.

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