Thursday, January 17, 2008

jump around...

i can´t stop jumping around because i am so fuckin psyched and happy about all the exciting stuff going on at the moment.
i recived the soundsketchbook from jeff this morning including the track he made with the 13 samples, that i send him two weeks ago and also including 13 new samples for me to work with.
I LOOOVVVEEE his track. its so amazing what he made. i can recognize all my samples but its so unbelievable interesting to hear how he used them. its so cool. and i LLOOVEEE the samples he send me to work with. i can´t wait to start.
this is track number one from soundsketchbook and here are some photos of the sketchbook:

the new cpf blog has its first posts now ! i still don´t know how to use livejournal, because i haven´t used it before. but i will take time to find out so that i can work with it for our projects. i am happy that rachael took the time to finish the first steps to get the blog on the run. i am so inspired by our plans and by the work that we made at artoll.

i LOVE it ! and i will start to work on two new projects for cpf tomorrow and during the weekend.

i had been at artoll today for a quick visit because i needed some stuff from my studio space there.....

i met claus there. i try to find some time next week to meet him for a coffee. we are planing that since ages now.....

and also i found a nice surprise in my studio: lou and graham left one of their cd´s for me. thanks very very much ! i love the sound of blood moon and it was very nice to meet them !

graham lent me his digital recorder for one day. its the zoom h4.
i tried it and in my opinion the quality is really good. i am thinking about to buy that one. but need to save some money first.

met my mom for a coffee today which was really nice. we had so hard times together ages ago, but now its quite fine between us and i really love her!

to do list:
  • apointment with judith for wetpaintexpo
  • also get work finished for that (still not sure what to do...)
  • start with two new cpf projects and send them to rach
  • also work in cpf-book
  • play and work with samples from jeff for the new soundsketchbook track
  • get photos from the shop and finish stuff to apply for new projects (two deadlines at the end of january and tons of fuckin stuff to work through...)
  • finish website update
  • get the tons of new recordings into my (to small) computer and get them ready to use.
  • take new photos of "associated word drawings" at artoll
  • make the fuckin video-recordings for the butoh-dance-soundinstallation. this definately has to be done during january !!! (still need to organise another video-camera)
  • eh, yes, i think that´s fuckin enough to do
  • meet with guido (we should start to make apointments..hehehe)
  • oh yes, and btw. find some time here and there for sleep and food...

all for now


Rachael said...


owwww seeing that picture of artoll makes me cry!! i miss it so much.

I love your pictures of the sound sketchbook, soo nice!! I can't wait to see more work about this!

It really exciting that you have all of these projects, its always good to be busy!

rock on iris!!xxx

misses free said...

hey rach,
thanks for the comment.
i am happy that you like that soundsketchbook thing. its so exciting !
yes, i like to be busy with all that stuff, but i have to be careful a bit now i think, its becoming too much a bit, but i fuckin love it !!!!!!

cpf rocks !!!!
btw: check your emails bitch :)

rachael said...

yeh, sometimes doing to much can make it harder work than it has to be, i reckon you have enough going on right now to last a long time.
i'm tired today, the sky is dark, again, and i feel groggy!
urghg, i will have to put my stereototal CD on that you sent me ages ago, it always cheers me up! xx

misses free said...

oh yes, the weather starts to piss me off, too. we need spring and light, don´t we !?
i am happy that you like the cd ! and its a good "medicine", yep !!!

Xardas said...

Great stuff! The Sketchbook material looks simply brilliant. It's actually very inspiring, at least to me. I love the idea.

Keep it up!

misses free said...

hi xardas,
thanks ! glad to hear that you like it ! keep in touch !