Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more stuff...

my friend and collaboration partner rachael went back home this morning. we made some fuckin good work together, we planned to apply for two drawing-exhibitions and we worked out some interesting plans for new cpf mailart-projects. i will post some photos soon.
we started a cpf-blog to use it as a container for photo documentation, interesting links and other random stuff around our different projects and to keep usself and other interested people updated about our progress and ongoing work.

after three weeks holiday i am back to my job now....ehmmm......yes.....no comment :/

i spent the last two days to sort out documentation-material about my art work and to write some text about it, because i applied for that. the deadline was today and i reached the post-office five minutes before it got closed.

i have a new myspace-page on the run for the sound-mailart-project which i am involved in together with jeff since this month.

i am a bit frustrated because i couldn´t make the butoh-dance-video-recordings yet, which i actually planned to do this month, because i couldn´t get a video-camera. actually a friend wanted to lent me one, but some organisation stuff went wrong and now i can´t get it before february...

currently started to make some first plans for the exhibition in february and i have started to update my website, but i haven´t finished it yet.

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