Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i am off for one week. i am gonna stay in a project-studio-space at artoll til next week to work (more or less) concentrated on some projects.

friends from england are going to arrive today. they also stay at artoll for a few days.

i have a fuckin cold or something. don´t know. just tired, headache all the time, feeling smashed...

a friend from arnhem called me yesterday. she is running a kinda experimental-exhibition-space there and she invited me to take part at an exhibition on 2nd and 3rd of february.

some deadlines are coming closer and closer to reply for some stuff here and there. so actually i need to organise and prepare some documentation-material about my work as soon as possible.

this endless darkness starts to piss me off. i want spring ! NOW !!!

see ya next week...
all the best

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