Tuesday, September 2, 2008

just married...

how we spent our wedding day:

got up, to nerveous for breakfast, went for a walk
apointment at the registry office and said "yes" :)
lighted a candle in the cathedral
had breakfast in our favorite bistro
went home, celebrated some love, just the two of us :)
spent hours with brewing mead (for our wedding party in november)
more celebration of love :)
believe it or not, but we just had pizza for dinner, yummie !
went out for cocktails

we are planning a big wedding-party for all our friends and family in november.
and we thought a good idea would be to serve mead.
we took it literally: real wedding-mead has to be made on the wedding-day.
so we spent most parts of the day with brewing 180 litre of the honey-wine for the party.

what you need:

three barrels a 60 litre and 30 kg honey
we got the honey from a friend of us.
he is bee-keeper by heart. he loves his bees and looks for good quality instead of mass-production.

you also need yeast.
we used three different kinds: bordeaux-, portwine- and beer-yeast.
its important to pre-ferment the yeast in applejuice for 2-3 days to give it a good start.

put 60 litre boiled water into each barrel and let the water cool down to 40-45° C

hang teabags with hop into the water and let it stand for 5-10 minutes

then add 10 kg of honey to each barrel and stir carefully until everything is well mixed

finally take away the foam with a skimmer or a little strainer, add the yeast and close the barrels with the special fermenting-stopper. keep the barrels in a warm place !

and now they have three months time to ferment...

thanks to the bees and their hard work collecting soooooooo much honey for us !

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