Friday, September 12, 2008

reading accidents for the, donno, i think fourth or fifth time now. i ordered another book of yael hedaya, but i don´t like it, so i took the "old" loved one again...

my soundsketchbook project is reloaded ! i am very happy about that.
currently its on its way to goghal in belgium...

these jacket potatoes made me laugh

a bus stop swing

3-D retro flicks set, get out your green-red-glasses and have a look...

camera love

band in my pocket :)

i love flipbooks. if you do too then you should visit this site

more interesting business cards

sweet desktop organizer


iden said...

Hey!! (I loved the jacket potatoes too!!) I have a question for you.. I've been looking at different patterns for grannysquares lately, and have fallen in love with the same blanket you did april this year... did you get the pattern, and - do you still have it?! I'm more than interrested!!! please leave me a note:) -iden

misses free said...

i left a comment to your blog !
talk soon

Anonymous said...